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Industrial Consulting

Consulting in times of crisis

The global crisis continues to disrupt businesses and brings the world economy to a halt. Fundamental changes in customer behaviour occur. Supply chains and routes to market are knocking companies off balance. And suddenly what has been working for years doesn’t work anymore.

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Fast towards recovery & continuity

Many industrial businesses are looking for solutions and help. How about your plan for the coming months to generate the sales that the company needs? Have you defined a strategy to achieve the business goals? What are you going to do in 2022 to compensate for the declines of 2020-2021?

Heading for failure?

Do you feel you overwhelmed with business challenges? Are you worried whether your company could survive the crisis? Does the decline in sales and inquiries cause headaches? Are you preoccupied that you might have to fire employees? Do your financial obligations weigh more and more heavily?

You know something must change, but you have no idea what to do to get extra sales. And in the meantime, everything continues to decline.

Or ready for the future?

What you’d want is a careless future. A forecast full of opportunities and leads. A boost in revenue and business growth. Imagine your company having an edge over the competition. Enjoying more financial breathing space. And possibly considering expanding rather than downsizing.

At ABC Consulting we guide businesses to success. To help you maximise your business rapidly, we have joined forces with our valued marketing and tech partners. This collaboration has resulted in the 2022 High-speed Recovery Program.

2022 High-speed Recovery Program

Roadmap to success

The 2022 High-speed Recovery Program is a roadmap for success. Together with you, we optimise your entire business. Fast and efficiently.

It’s a practical program that:

  • Achieves accelerated growth
  • Provides hands-on advice on digitalising your business
  • Includes a ready-to-go roadmap, tailored to your company
  • Is designed for direct implementation
  • Generates leads in a truly short time
  • Contains a customised online strategy
  • Gives a competitive advantage due to the latest technologies

It takes similar companies in your sector, months or even years of research and trial and error. And even then, they won’t get results as quick as with our program.

Clear steps towards growth

We know that you’re busy with your core business and you don’t want to waste time and resources. So, this program is NOT a theoretical talk nor a patch for the short-term only.

Instead, we give clear recommendations on what you can do right now, to regain stability. We explain what the company needs, to create growth in the future. In straightforward and practical steps, we actively help you with daily operations to maximise your business.

And to get you moving, we can start implementing changes from day 1. From sales team efficiency to website optimisation to global communications, ABC Consulting covers the whole range.

We address challenges at 4 important areas: sales decrease, communication issues, operational hurdles, and management difficulties.

Start the program

Boost in leads
Up to 10x more inquiries
Elevated number of website visitors
Top ranking in Google

Supersized Sales

Consulting Marketing Enhanced future-proof website or shop
Web catalogue, datasheets and drawings
Improved user experience and sales flow
Upscaled sales automation
Online sales strategy
High-speed growth plan
Sales department optimisation
Smart product pricing
Clear proposition and message
Connection with your ideal customer
Valuable insights in customer needs
Brand loyalty to retain more clients

Clear Communication

Consulting Marketing ERP access for employees and customers
Easy omnichannel implementation
Rapid distribution of information
Global reach
Efficient tools for smooth internal contact
Quick omnichannel customer support
Easy communication management
24/7 smart communication

Optimal Operations

Consulting Marketing Insights in operations efficiency
Industry 4.0 workspace optimisation
Productivity increase through cobotics
Online internal communication tools
Straightforward fast operational goals
Revised operating procedures and tools
ABC's alternative supply chain as fall-back
Maximum production level assurance
Marketing management implementation
Rapid brand expansion
Integrated and multi-channel marketing
Monthly marketing performance report

Mastered Management

Consulting Marketing CRM for an efficient and productive business
Digital sales and marketing dashboards
Access to the latest digital technologies
Back-up systems to ensure continuity
ROI-based management
KPI-based advice and implementation
Effective interim management
Advanced tools for business continuity
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3 disciplines working seamlessly

Now more than ever, it’s important to be visible online. To generate leads with a good online marketing approach. And with a high-performance website or shop.

ABC Consulting has been working closely with our marketing and tech partners for years. They are specialised in helping companies like yours to get more leads and customers.

Together, we form a multidisciplinary team that helps your business to increase growth and outdo the competition.

Optimal synergy that prevents:

  • Time loss
  • Being sent from pillar to post
  • Isolated knowledge
  • Slow processes
  • Extra costs
  • Double or triple amount of meetings
  • Complex administration

Request the Recovery Program

Send us your information and we will contact you to discuss the first steps towards success.

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