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Industrial Consulting

About us

ABC Consulting makes medium-sized industrial companies reach their full potential by unlocking opportunities. We provide consultancy to help our clients successfully grow their businesses through sustainable sales, knowledge, and innovation.

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ABC Business Consulting

We lead and inspire the industrial market with our modern and disruptive way of thinking.

Consulting towards results

Our ultimate goal is to make industrial companies sharper, smarter and a better version of themselves.

We strongly believe that consulting is more than giving advice, that’s why we offer a lot of different services, all aligned with the business’ needs or goals. You can consider us as your trusted partner and benefit from our extensive experience and large international network of industrial connections. With our high level of motivation, customer-oriented thinking and acting, we strive for the best results, in the fast possible way.

Innovative thinking

With our open mind and connection–focused communication, we always challenge the established thinking.

The world is changing fast as new technologies impact on the industry and international trading in general. The set rules and known factors will not always apply and that’s why we think outside the box. With our unconventional way of acting and by using a different perspective, we bring ideas to life and guide organisations to new opportunities and growth.

Success driven by ambition

Josip Abramovic

“Be 1% better than yesterday”

ABC’s founder and owner Josip Abramovic (1982) graduated as economist and can boast extensive management experience in international markets.

For nearly 20 years, Mr. Abramovic has been helping organizations of all types and sizes with business development, leadership, influencing, and technological advancement.

He is passionate about developing new business and opening clients’ views to new visions, ideas and technologies.

“Let’s build a better and promising future together”

History and growth of ABC

Founded by Josip Abramovic in early 2016, ABC Consulting got a head start, as several European companies heard in 2015 about our plans and wished to be guided by us immediately from the beginning.

Since 2016 we’ve been providing consultancy, growth and innovation. Within three years we’ve built an established reputation in the industrial market in Europe. We are known for getting fast results and offering customers a fresh perspective based on a disruptive view on industrial services.

Our experience covers strategy development, sales and new business management and performance improvement for clients in the power transmission, manufacturing, and engineering industry.

Today, with over 20 customers in 14 countries worldwide, ABC Consulting is uniquely positioned to lead transformations – creating greater value for companies, partners, and shareholders, as well as presenting new growth opportunities.

We are proud to work with innovative and successful organisations in Europe and we’re excited to expand our services to the rest of the world in the near future.

360º connected worldwide

ABC Consulting acts from the centre of the power industry. We connect brands and people. Sellers and purchasers. Manufacturers and engineers. Data and ideas. Technology and marketing.

Abc 360ww

Trusted partner for growth

Confidentiality and integrity are key for us. We protect your data as if it’s ours. Your business, technical, security and privacy information is safe with us. Our trustworthiness, together with our reliability has made us a trusted partner for forward-looking companies in the power industry.

ABC Group

In 2017 we united five of our customers in a business network: ABC Group. An innovative business network that helps you grow your company.

Global partners for international success

We’ve expanded rapidly and ABC Group now counts more than 50 members. The group enables mid-sized companies to market products together and get a stronger voice in the industry. Our members are suppliers, machine builders and distributing companies. The goal of this network is to make the way larger companies work, available to smaller companies by joining forces

Interested in joining the club? Read more on the website of ABC Group.

Abc Group About

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