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We offer consulting services that help industrial companies across the world develop and execute winning strategies. We bring excellent capabilities, tools, technologies, and talent to every project, augmented with partners that provide specialised expertise.

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Slide We develop and implement a completely new strategy for sales management and planning that helps industrial companies across the world succeed. We combine branch insights with practical sales expertise, to advise how to improve sales and build a growth-oriented organization.

We analyse the current situation of the company, set goals, implement changes and check regularly if the agreed steps are being complied with. We arrange important internal and external meetings and take the lead in new sales projects.

Next to that, we provide guidance on sales-related issues and advise the executive team and board.

Of course, our sales strategy is always aligned with the culture of the company.

  • Turnover growth

  • In-depth market knowledge

  • Better reputation

  • Refine the existing customer base

  • Sales and marketing material

  • Improved internal sales control

  • Sales training about acquisition and negotiation

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Sales Strategy

Implement a new strategy.

Slide We have a good nose for foreseeing business opportunities and with our fresh, independent perspective we are able to let the company reach its maximum potential. We help our clients create a change that matters, by refining the proposition which leads to a better presentation on the market, enabled by technology and sustained through capabilities.

Next to this, we can also take a position within the company as interim Business Development Manager.
With this asset the company benefits from an autonomous manager who will —in just a few hours per week— transform a new business idea into extra turnover. And with a proven record in similar situations and inclusive know-how, our consultant will be able to execute an expansion in either product, market, or industry. Since it is on temporary base, we’ll train the team and show them how to proceed after we’ve left.

  • New business perspective

  • Distinctive presentation on the market

  • Expansion to new markets

  • Expansion with new products

  • Expansion to new industries

  • Operational excellence

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New Business Development

Gain a new perspective or business.

Slide We encourage our clients develop the culture and team that the organisation needs, in order to be competitive, even after we’ve left. We help companies become better-equipped to respond to talent needs, managers more capable and employees more responsive to customer needs. In other words: we put the right people in the right roles.

Part of our talent trajectory is to identify the appropriate internal communication, and safeguard an open and positive work environment where employees feel secure and challenged at the same time. This could result in replacing inadequate management.

Next to this, we also advice about leadership development. We have been successfully guiding CEO’s into the next level in leadership and stimulate executives to step into C-suite positions. As well as executing necessary management changes and providing personal career consulting.

  • Successful management change

  • Clear internal communication

  • Improved organisational performance

  • Enhanced personnel management

  • Creating a pleasant work environment

  • Foster internal career growth

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Leadership and Talent

We support the leaders of today and develop the leaders of tomorrow.

Slide Are you looking to boost your revenue? What you may need is to launch a new product or service. Different research show that companies that create new products grow faster than their competitors.

With many years of experience in developing and launching numerous products successfully, ABC knows exactly what strategic decisions must be made and which details an effective launch plan should contain.

We explore the potential in your product portfolio and find an opportunity. We either encourage to develop a brand-new product or think along with you about upgrading an existing one. Because of our large network we can save you money regarding the production and supply. Together with our marketing partner we know the best way to stand out of the crowd. We present and promote clearly and get the influence that you are after.

  • In-depth market research

  • Customised advice about developing or upgrading your product

  • Consultation about testing and prototyping

  • Marketing plan for online reach and sales

  • Final product launch

  • Cost reduction

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Product Development

A product or service launch that drives growth.

Slide Expanding into a new market can be an effective way to grow your business. Market research is the best way to get a thorough understanding of market growth rates, forecasted demand, competitors, and potential barriers to entry.

With our proven approach we will help you accurately assess the potential of each growth opportunity. Our market analysis focusses on concise information, aligned with the goals and needs of the company. We don’t write bulky reports that end up at the bottom of a drawer, but we guide you on how to connect with the market, we inform on what the competition does, and we advise where to find the right information about potential clients.

We help you prioritise and select the best potential market, and together we develop a business plan, calculate investments, and plan the implementation.

  • In-depth market research

  • Competitors analysis

  • Need gap analysis

  • Insights in potential, numbers, factories, prices, regulations, and potential limitations

  • Distributor network

  • Customers preferences

  • Pricing strategy analysis

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Market Analysis

Grow your business by expanding into new markets.

Slide We help our clients set the strategic direction of their brand to realize the full potential of the opportunities. We create a completely new brand, refresh an existing brand or take it to the next level and make it available worldwide.

We define the benefits and experiences that make a brand relevant, distinctive, and credible to customers. And we develop strategies to differentiate brands through distinctive positioning relative to competitors.

  • Market research

  • A unique value proposition

  • Product presence conform the proposition

  • Appropriate documentation and certifications

  • Well-defined distribution strategy

  • Clear and concise marketing plan in cooperation with our marketing partner

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Brand Expansion

Helping industrial companies grow faster than the competition.

Slide We support industrial companies to improve their operations effectively. We transform businesses and increase the performance through innovation in products, services, and processes.

We combine expertise in the industrial sector with customised solutions. We focus on solving obstacles or difficulties within the organization. With your needs in mind, we engage and empower the entire workforce, improve day-to-day activities, and assure operations are proactive instead of reactive.

We have helped a lot of industrial companies solve operational problems, including reducing unnecessary work volumes, putting the right person in the right job, implementing new IT-systems and more. We will ensure that you can concentrate on the opportunities that maximize competitive advantage and strengthen the connection between operations and strategy.

  • More efficiency

  • Streamlined workflow

  • Savings in time and resources

  • Maximum competitive advantage

  • Modernised organisation

  • Implementation of IT-programs and online communications

  • Right person in the right seat

  • Faster reaction on market developments

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Operational Excellence

Doing the right thing, the right way, every time.

Slide We enable industrial companies to deliver above-market growth by raising the tough questions about how to take advantage customer needs. We not only collaborate with all our clients to generate practical insights; we also help implement solutions and build the capabilities to sustain growth.

ABC Consulting brings you real-world guidance on Industry 4.0 execution strategies, so you can embrace digitalisation faster and more effectively than your competitors.

We work shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients —remotely as needed in times of crisis— to solve challenges, minimise business risks and maximise opportunities. We ensure the right mechanisms are in place and cooperate with the team to make the organisation capable of sustaining the change long after we are gone.

  • Implementation of a (sales) strategy

  • New business development

  • Leadership & talent

  • Product development & launch

  • Market analysing

  • Brand expansion

  • Operational excellence

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Industry Consulting

Making industrial companies sharper, smarter and better versions of themselves.



Take a look at a few of our most important accomplishments.

Sales Strategies in 14 countries over the last 5 years
Average turnover growth for new products after launch
Company turnover growth in 2-3 years for several projects
Successful management change projects in 5 countries

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Why Choose ABC Consulting


Industry Experts

Specialised in the power transmission industry we have a large worldwide network of buyers, sellers and factories.



We are straightforward and with our hands-on approach we always see opportunities and we’re proactive to seize them.


Fast Results

We are renowned for our immediate progress and prompt delivering of results. We make things work. Fast.


Market Vision

ABC’s 360 market vision helps to improve continuously. We share our valuable knowledge for better results.

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