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Guidance from strategy to implementation

Our approach

We are known for our extensive industry knowledge, sharp problem definition and honest discussion. We strive for a result that is not only strong, but permanent as well.

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Clear, concrete and manageable consulting

We’re driven by the ambition to make every company in the industry a better version of themselves.

How we do this?

We partner with our customers to transform their organizations in the way that matters most to them. This requires an open attitude of both parties and mutual trust.

We work different than other consulting agencies. We listen intently. We think outside the box. We bring experts, including professionals who get technology and marketing. We deliver fast. And we love to innovate.

With our hands-on approach, we conceptualise ideas and instead of just writing reports, we implement real-world solutions to achieve your goals.

ABC’s core principles

Hands-on strategies
360º problem solving
Customised roadmap

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Our approach is highly customised to your specific situation. Some companies will target a complete transformation, while others will pursue discrete initiatives to achieve excellence in select operational areas, but for almost every project we implement this roadmap.

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1. Get a clear vision

We start with an interview to discover the needs. We check whether the company needs a complete transformation or a smaller initiative.

Based on this, we develop the vision and objectives.

2. Analyse the current process

We immerse ourselves in your organisation to collect data and interview employees in order to analyse the current procedures. We learn about the company, the operations and discover the organisational dynamics.

This audit phase helps us to identify the threats and opportunities.

3. Define a strategy

When all data has been collected, we start strategising with the management to determine which recommendations should be implemented, altered, or abandoned.

4. Give intensive consultation

In this phase we give intensive consultation about the best solutions and best practices to limit the liabilities and take advantage of current opportunities.

According to our customised action plan we show what resources are needed and because they are grounded in the real world, they make economic, commercial, and strategic sense.

5. Implement the new process

We work closely with the board and management team to implement the new solutions. Our consultants help create new systems, internal and external procedures, and guidelines to make sure the new processes are carried out.

6. Evaluate the new process

After a certain period we present a review of everything that we have done from start to finish. We compare where we started, where we are at the moment and where we’re going to.

We zoom in on obstacles, problems, expectations, key people involved and the new systems, procedures, and policies. In the case of unforeseen weaknesses or earlier-than-expected-reached limits, we will define a new, feasible objective.

7. Celebrate the achieved success

Change is hard and therefore celebrating the first success is crucial to push you towards even greater achievements. No matter how big or small the accomplishment.

When we celebrate success, it creates a taste for more. In addition, you will want to raise the standards for what is possible and develop what is necessary to enhance this success.

8. Continuous improvement

We make sure you are getting the most out of our strategies and implemented solutions. So, we monitor continuously, provide feedback, and make suggestions for improvement.

We do not rest until the team has shown that they can work alone and have mastered the new style, procedures or systems. Only then will you reach the top and more importantly, the company can maintain itself there, when we have left the building.

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